Abandoned House – White Springs

   Just a cute house we noticed.




Wild Wisteria



Front Screen Door



Great Old Front Door


Curtains  hard at work providing privacy for no one.


Love those old doorknobs.






I think the doors impressed me the most.

You just can’t buy these anymore..

You can see an orb on the door to the left.


Doors and More Doors


Window trim matched the door, amazing..

We could tell someone was squatting here.

They had a make-shift bed and food packing.

We got a little nervous.





Some idiot having their version of fun.



By the time we got to the back we were feeling a little creeped out.

Like we were being watched, we heard a noise from the attic too.




Back Door



Side of house.





View to the back of the house.


I hope someone comes along and fixes the place up.  No “for sale” sign up.  It is in really good condition.

For Now.




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Emmaus Church – St. George Georgia


Really cool historical church, sure is old.

Officially it is in Georgia but it’s surrounded by Florida.

When you see the map you will see what I mean.

It should be on some Historical list I am sure. I can’t find any information about it on the net.  I will have to take a trip to St. George and talk to some locals to find out more.


Water Pump is functional.

There is a cemetery connected to this church.  This is how I came to discover this place because I am a volunteer with Find A Grave website.

 I received a request to photograph a tombstone for another member in this graveyard.

My first thought was, “What a great place to use in a movie.!”

Second thought, “Children of the Corn.”



All the windows have these shutters.


A door on each end.




The Interior



It is locked up tight but there are many cracks to peek through.

The Outhouses


There are two outhouses a her’s and a his, I suppose.

Outhouse #1


Outhouse #2








It isn’t completely abandoned, someone must come and keep the place up.

Great place to visit on a Sunday afternoon, scenic drive in the country.

It is located in St. George Ga, North of Maclenny and West of Jacksonville Fl.


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Abandoned House in Fort White Florida

Abandoned and Alone

Creepy isn’t it? What’s really creepy is this house sits in the middle of downtown.. You would think it was out in the boonies, down a dark and creepy road.

The curtains are really hanging by a thread. I bet they have hung there for 50 years.


I wanted to go inside so bad!  The house is in a busy area.

You can see the flooring peeking out.


Windows are open.

Front Entry



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Country Store Hwy. 441- Columbia County Florida

Country Gas Station

Hwy. 441
North of Lake City, Fl.

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